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Eliminate toxic chlorine, benzene and nitrates found in municipal water supplies.
Swim in mineral water, not salt or chlorine.
Keep toxins out of our oceans by keeping them out of your water treatment system.
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Riptide Pool and Spa Enterprises is the Central Coast factory authorized tech for Cal Spa, California Cooperage, Catalina, Clearwater, Coleman, Elete, Master Spas, and MAXX spas and swim spas.

A Better Way to Condition Water

When I think about how long I have been in the business of water—from recreational use to the water we drink-- I think I must be nearing Methuselah’s age-record. It started after my stint as a journalism major which pushed me right into the water. Well, working for some of the pioneers in the burgeoning Southern California pool and spa business paid bills easier than reporting the latest scandal.

My academic career wasn’t for naught. I helplessly watched seabirds suffocate after their feathers were covered in oil from off-shore oil spills; I learned how what we do impacts the earth and the oceans. Even during my time as a pool remodel contractor, I tried to persuade my clients to use less impactful chemicals when sanitizing their pools and spas, and to implement solar for heating water in the ways available at the time.

I love to swim. It’s a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy. And as I age, sometimes the only true means of loosening those craggy joints is a good soak in a jetted hot tub. But those chemicals to keep recreational water sanitized are environmental nightmares. And an unsanitized pool or spa is your health’s worse nightmare.

In 2008 I sold my successful Santa Fe pool and spa store—thinking I’d retire. There I installed the first Riptide Alchemy ionic pool sanitization systems. That grew into a similar system for drinking water. And for manufactured spas, I offered chlorine-bromine alternatives that worked.

While I failed retirement, I did succeed coming back home to the California coast. The oceans are in more trouble now than ever before. (Visit my wife’s blog, www.Neptune911.wordpress.com.) But we still want water recreational tools, and healthy water to drink.

It can be done with less impact to our planet and our bodies. This is what Riptide Alchemy and Riptide Pool & Spa Enterprises is all about.

Now I work from home. I can’t justify the carbon footprint of a storefront. In other words, my customers know where I live. I offer stellar personal service. I offer substantially lower prices on my quality product. Personal service. Competitive price points. A good citizen of Planet Earth. That’s how I do business.


“…when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference.”
                       - Rachel Carson

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Why Change the Way I Drink Water?

Water purification systems quickly replacing government banned softeners
Jun 13, 2008 ... The Mermaid Pure Whole House Water Purification System is a product of the Riptide Alchemy, LLC, which first began in 2006.

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