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About Riptide Alchemy


We intend to provide quality, reliable, fairly-priced environmental products for use in the home, pool, spa and boat. The commonality with each unit is water.
This company will remain small in order to assure excellent quality blended with personal service.


Riptide Alchemy, LLC was formed in 2006 in Santa Fe, NM--or the "City Different"--where chemical-free alternatives are a way of life. It was the natural transition for the owner--a 40-year pool and spa industry veteran- who says, "I am sensitive to chemicals like chlorine, and have been seeking ways to treat and sanitize the water I use in a natural, effective and chlorine-free manner. For the pool and spa industry, I offered non-chlorine alternatives, but that did not resolve the issue of healthy drinking water--not to mention the looming environmental disaster of bottled water."

The Riptide Pool Water Purification System, was first offered to his Santa Fe residential pool clientele. "I had so many demands for this cooper-silver ionization system that I could not keep up with requests to install until I sold my traditional pool and spa business."

With the traditional pool and spa business sold, Riptide Alchemy, LLC has been re-launched, and fully commitment to providing chlorine-free, and natural water systems--including Mermaid Pure Whole House Water Purification. On the cutting edge of whole house water purification, this patented system, using a custom blended KDF55/85 redox media, not only removes chlorine from your drinking water, and up to 99 percent of impurities, pollutants and suspected carcinogens, found in city water supplies, but also removes pharmaceuticals from drinking water supplies.

Riptide Alchemy, LLC remains based in Santa Fe and is presently setting up offices in the central coast area of California. It is the exclusive wholesale/retail distributor of these chlorine-free products for the west coast, excluding Arizona and Nevada.

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The business website is www.RiptideAlchemy.com. Several blogs are also online.

For wholesale or distributorship inquiries, call 1-505-670-6252 or email .


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