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  • Got dry skin?

  • Allergies to chlorine?

  • Environmental concerns?

  • Annoyed by the acrid odors from you pool?

  • Wish for an enviro-friendly sanitizing system that really works?

  • Disappointed with your chlorinating salt generator?

  • Tired of continual algae in your "natural" pool water?

  • Scum getting you down?

  • Haven't seen your pool's main drain in years?

  • Ready to dump 50-year-old technology?

Chlorine. You either love it or hate it. It does the job of sanitizing your swimming pool water. But it's not always the perfect solution.

Inspired by the positive/negative effects of a seaside riptide, we mixed and matched silver and copper electrodes into a wand of wonder. After 37 years in the pool and spa industry, we know that copper kills algae and that silver is an ancient bactericide. So, we paired a copper electrode with a silver electrode, then injected a low DC current into the alloy anodes. The ion charged water is cycled through the system, naturally purifying itself.

Our exclusive and unique design features 100% alloy to ionize your pool water. The amount of ions injected is precisely monitored by a computerized LCD meter and control knob built into each power center. Quality is what sets our ionization system apart from the others.

Some local Santa Fe pool owners said, yes to the riptide effect and no to chlorine. Voile! It worked. No chlorine! No bromine! Sparkling, shining swimming pools!

But the trick is...

Well, there really isn't any trick at all. But you will have to test your pool water's pH and alkalinity two to three times a week. And weekly you will shock your water with a non-chlorine oxidizer. We have yet to conjure a magical means of breaking down organic debris that is attracted to pool water like magnets. Monthly, test the pool's calcium hardness. And, of course, clean the filters as needed.

If your pool has old water, this system will help you save that water. That's right. The higher the TDS (total dissolved solids - which make chemical sanitization a nightmare) the better ionic purification works. That makes the pool owner a good enviro-citizen too.

With a little Riptide Alchemy magic this older Santa Fe swimming pool holds such sparkling clear chlorine-free mineral water that a pair of wild mallards stopped by for a brief swim. However, we don't recommend letting the mallards make your Riptide Alchemy sanitized pool home!

Our exclusive manufacturer uses only the highest quality materials that will end-result in the brightest, cleanest pool water that you have ever experienced.

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Let the magic begin today

Once you have decided that chlorine, bromine, or polymeric biguanides are not for your pool, call or email us or your local sales agent. Each unit treats up to 25,000 gallons of pool water.

  • Our manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on each unit.

  • Replacement electrodes presently sell for $449 per set.

  • Systems for pools up to 100,000 gallons are also available.

Calcium. If unsightly calcium buildup covers your pool tiles. Imagine what's happening to your equipment.

While the Riptide Pool Disinfection System won't control calcium, the Riptide Pool Calcium Control System (RPCCII) will manage the problem. RPCCII controls calcium and removes calcium buildup in your pool, pool equipment and pool plumbing. The RPCCII works for both commercial and residential pools. Look at the photos and see for yourself:

The same magic applies to pool tiles. Within three weeks of installation, the calcium deposits disappear. Now you can toss out the pumice stone and direct your maintenance labor elsewhere.

The RPCCII System utilizes a low volume transformer and provides silent operation. The RCCII System is an easy retrofit with no plumbing cuts needed.

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