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Mermaid Pure Whole House Water Treatment System

A Better Way to Condition Water

Use a little “mermaid magic” to condition your household water without brine discharge, eliminate chlorine and reduce VOCs, pharmaceuticals, and other toxins. Plus enjoy fresh drinking water from any faucet in your home. With our low-impact Mermaid Pure Whole House Water Filtration System™, you will also make a quantum green leap for your home, health, pocket book and the environment.

You ask, “I’ve never heard of your product?” You probably have heard of similar whole house systems, but none match, our quality, our pricing and our local personal service. We also offer 100% customer satisfaction. Deal direct with the manufacturer. No middle man. Our point of entry system consumeslittle space and is easily installed by your plumber. It also retrofits in most homes.

Take a minute to review more about our state of the art water conditioning system that will provide in home drinking water that is as beautiful as our Central Coast environment.


What type of filtering technology does Mermaid Pure™ Whole House Water filtration system use?

This system uses two filters (pictured) that are connected to your home’s incoming water supply plumbing. Electro magnets are also attached to the pipelines.

How does it work?

The "magic" is in the filters combined with electro-magnets. In other words, there are no moving parts and no need to backwash. It's not like a soft water system. It's quite the opposite.

There is no reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis can damage plumbing and is a significant water waster.

What types of filters are used?

The Mermaid Pure™ Whole House Water Purification System is the newest generation of water purification. It uses a mixed media filtration.

Washed quartz traps sediment, prevents water channeling and clarifies and refines the water. Garnet turns and cleans KDF. The custom-blended KDF55/85® "Redox Media", removes heavy metals and poisons and iron, prevents rust staining, inhibits bacteria growth, and extends the life of the carbon.

Our selected activated high-density carbon is formulated for maximum extraction. It gives you delicious, clean water, removes foul tastes and odors, and removes up to 99% of impurities, pollutants, gasses, and suspected carcinogens and other VOCs.

How difficult is the Mermaid Pure™ Whole House Water system to install and maintain?

The initial installation should be performed by a licensed plumber.

Under typical use, the system's two filters require annual changes that can be done by the homeowner. The system itself does not need further maintenance.

Mermaid Pure Swimming Pool Purification System

Does this filtration system have a swimming pool configuration?

Yes indeed. Pictured to the right is the Mermaid Pure™ Swimming Pool Purification System. Under typical use, it would require annual anode changes.

Clean Water & Big Benefits

Unlike most whole house systems, the Mermaid Pure™ system requires no backwash and no drain is required. Look at the list of benefits:

  • Mountain, spring-like water to every household tap

  • Descales & prevents scale buildup

  • Natural cleaning of your water

  • Vital minerals remain in your water

  • Removes chlorine and other chemicals

  • Removes arsenic, lead and mercury

  • Removes up to 99% of impurities, pollutants, gasses, and suspected carcinogens and other VOCs

  • Removes iron and prevents rust staining

  • Inhibits bacteria growth

  • Prevents and removes calcium build-up in your plumbing and reduces buildup on fixtures, spotting and staining

  • No salt or potassium used

  • Saves water, energy and soaps

  • All components are reusable or recyclable

  • Every faucet is a source of fresh water

  • Silent operation

  • Retrofits into most existing homes.

All water systems from Riptide Alchemy expressly follow all government and water quality guidelines in the manufacturing and delivery of the highest quality product to the consumer.

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